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To The Bone

Added: Dec 22, 2013 Views: 56,073

Superhung, superthick and supernasty Matt takes it to the floor and straight to your hard as a rock bone. As the cover says: "Go fetch it!" Definitely not one of Chi Chi's best, however, the scene where Joey stands before a group of self-professed sex-addicts (Cocksuckers Anonymous?) and announces his addiction to cock is absolutely, ridiculously hilarious (it's supposed to be) and the subsequent orgy blowout is a trip, and very, very well shot. There's no anal action, just a lot of oral, tons of jacking off and even some body worshipping. To the Bone is a blip on the map of Chi Chi's career, but the pairing of him and Joey was always sheer heaven. A good, not great one.


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