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Electro Anal Kink

Added: Aug 3, 2018 Views: 8,015

You have heard about these dildos. You have seen them advertised in adult magazines. But have you ever really seen one in action? Now BJ Productions brings you explicit video scenes of the Elector Anal Butt Plug in action. You are present with the heavy handed storm as he describes the operation and shows you how he plays with his sex partners, Robby Boxer and Steve Lipariti using the electric Butt Plug. Listen as Robby and Steve describes the sensations that are produced while using the device. Now is your chance to get a real first hand look at the newest safe sex adult sex toy. Robby and Steve are going to get sparked up and turned on as they get off with Electro Anal Butt Plug

Director: Rick Bolton

Actors: Storm , Steve Lipariti , Rob Boxxer

Categories: Anal Masturbation


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