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The Comeon

Added: Feb 2, 2017 Views: 52,960

  • Year: 1982
  • Country: n/a
  • Language: n/a
  • Duration: 59 min
Jeff Hunter sees Chuck Burton working outside and then goes home to fantasize about having sex with him in a Jacuzzi. 2. Down on the Farm (Nova) - 1979 Lee Marlin OgrAbtMgrRgr, Toby Watson OrgAbtMrgRrg Lee Marlin and Toby Watson do all the vanilla tricks to each other in and around the barn. Each ends by milking his big teat into the other's face. 3. Detour (Nova) - 1979 Bill Thompson OgrAbtRr, Chad Gibson OrgAbtRg Bill Thompson finds himself on a road construction detour while driving his little red Mercedes convertible. He talks to and gets fucked by tattooed road worker Chad Gibson on the car. Naked, they drive to Bill's home where Bill does the topping in the living room and bed before Chad has to get back to work.


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