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  • Electro Anal Kink

    Update Soon: August 3, 2018

    Views: 94

    You have heard about these dildos. You have seen them advertised in adult magazines. But have you ever really seen one in action? Now BJ Productions brings you explicit video scenes of the Elector Anal Butt Plug in action. You are present with the... read more

    Director: Rick Bolton

    Actors: Storm, Steve Lipariti, Rob Boxxer

    Categories: Anal Masturbation

  • Full House

    Update Soon: April 24, 2018

    Views: 89

    Horned-up college boys- including hunky 80's stars Chad Johnson and Dane Ford- make themselves at home in a frathouse fuckfest that makes Animal House look tame. These cock-crazed fellas have to have in this no holds barred skin flick!

    Director: William Richhe

    Actors: Chad Johnson, Dane Ford, Matt Pierce, Peter King, ...

    Categories: Anal

  • Gay Erotica From The Past 8

    Update Soon: February 17, 2018

    Views: 82

    This video begins in a light-hearted way with a snippet from a '70s film in which two lovers (one quite good looking, the other a baby bear (a bit chubby with a full beard) have sex, invite another and end up with a four-way. Unusual in that it... read more

    Categories: Anal

  • Dont Fight It Kid Bareback

    Update Soon: July 30, 2018

    Views: 49

    Big, beefy bodies and muscles are featured in this collection of four shorts by director John Travis. Although film-to-video transfer leaves parts of the segments grainy and dark, the overall action more than makes up for it! Right away, sir! Features... read more

    Categories: Masturbation

  • Bullet Videopac

    Update Soon: May 19, 2018

    Views: 48

    Better in bed Kyle Hazard meets Eric Ryan and they move indoors where it's warm showing that even country boy do better in bed! Good deeds Jerry Brent looks back to his tropical fling with Dak, and Jeff Cameron arrives on the scene to prove that a bird... read more

    Categories: Anal

  • Cli-Max

    Update Soon: June 20, 2018

    Views: 47

    Its the tingle for which people take the ultimate risk to achieve. Anne is one such thrillseeker who delights in cheating on her husband Charles, who is a likewise nookie chaser. Join these two headstrong hedonists in their erotic escapades that set... read more

    Actors: Sam Pasco